“My art depends a great deal on serendipitous discovery. This allows a certain amount of chance and randomness to find its way into my work which in turn makes possible an interactive dynamic.” — Cecil Touchon

Cecil Touchon is a poet, painter, performance artist, collector, draftsman, photographer, publisher and curator. 

Cecil Touchon was born in Austin, Texas (1956). His artistic inspiration was ignited early and explored throughout his childhood and into his young adulthood. He received his BFA from the University of Texas at Arlington. Throughout his career, which spans over 30 years, Touchon has been collected worldwide and figures prominently in the Massurrealism movement. Touchon is a founding member of the 1987 Post-Dogmatist Group as well as a respected member of the Visual Poetry, Asemic Writing, Art Mail and Fluxus communities. Touchon’s work was exhibited in the 2001 and 2009 Venice Biennale and can be found in more than 45 corporate and international archives and collections. His work has shown up in visual poetry anthologies, magazines, movies and even Paris fashion runways.

Cecil Touchon lives with his wife and creative partner Rosalia Touchon