New Painting in the Studio

Post Dogmatist Painting #1105 - 2020 - 60 x 84 inches - acrylic over paper on canvas

In the case of many professional artists, many are worried that this pandemic is causing widespread mayhem on the economy and are frustrated with the lackluster response by the administration to deal with this situation thus dragging out the economic down time and increasing the pain and suffering not to mention the extreme increase in expense. 

If you ask me we should shut down the whole country, everybody stay home, make a billion tests to make sure people can get back to living safely and do an economic holiday, nobody pay anything except food and keep the economy and all businesses on idle till this is over with the government pick up the bill. Then we all get back to what we were doing once the virus has been eliminated through isolation.

Coming to self quarantining, artists, assuming they work at home as we do, will barely notice an interruption since we all live in self quarantine anyway most of the time staying busy working on our art. However, enough sales to keep us all solvent… that’s another question.

The painting above is an example of that we have been up to, Rosalia and I have been working on this painting the last several weeks while in seclusion and we’ll just keep going as long as we can and hope for the best for ourselves and everybody else out there.

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